Flat Towing Wagon – Hemi Powered

Our Custom Build

Project: Flat Tow Grand Wagon
Base: 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 Hemi
Goals: Budget friendly and Good looking daily plus able to Flat tow the Wrangler to the Trails

The Start:
Needs a lift and tires.
Struts are blown out.

*Daystar 2 inch budget boost
[To get the ride height to the owners specs]

*Bilstein 5100 Adjustable sturts with 0-1.75 inch springs
[To even get best ride possible plus more height to clear the new tires and wheels]

*G/2 Spacers 1.5 inch
[To push the backspacing out on the new wheels to clear the tires as much as possible turning plus adds to the mean look!}

*Wheels & Tires
Owner Manage to find Jeep JK Rubicon take offs with 500 miles for $300.
31 inch BFG Mud Terrains
Rubicon wheels

*End Results
A great looking daily with affordable parts and a amazing mean look!
Not to forget the Flat Towing on weekends with the Wrangler!